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Welcome to Yadah Hotel

Yadah Villa Hotel is an exquisite hotel where all visitors for Prophet Dr W Magaya come and have their laxurious time at the hotel whilst visiting the Prophetic Healing and Delivarance Ministries services and also the prayer mountain.

  • About Yadah Hotel

    Yadah Villa Introduction

    Our team are dedicated to making your stay as memorable as possible filled with wonderful experiences and treasured moments you’ll cherish for years to come.

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  • Our Menu

    Yadah Villa Food

    Join us for the delicious meals we can provide for you. The Yadah Villah Hotel offers you the facilities to relax, socialise & eat. Enjoy your meals in the golden or white dining. Please book in advance to assure that spot for you!

  • Special Events

    Yadah Villa Events

    We have a lot of events which take place at Yadah Villa Hotel. The events includes business serminars, lectures, dinners, parties, etc. Prophet Dr W Magaya will mostly be there with those who are on the event.

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The best place to be when you visit Prophetic Healing and Delivarance Ministries is the Yadah Villa Hotel. You will enjoy your time as you will not face any hustles to to go to church, pray quietly and also you will be able to meet the Prophet Dr W Magaya, one on one.

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